C3MH16 – 20W Metal Halide MR16

  • Accepts 20-watt CMH Precise™ MR16 lamps
  • Energy efficient
  • Consistent color over life, 12000 hrs.
  • Excellent color rendition
  • UV control
  • 30000K color temperature
  • Robust GX10 twist and lock base
  • Numerous mounting options and accessories

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The clean and sleek style of the C3MH16 makes this fixture ideal for any interior space such as a museum, gallery, retail space or any area where a visually interesting fixture is needed. This compact unit accepts GE 20-watt CMH Precise™ MR16 ceramic metal halide lamps. These lamps provide excellent color rendition and give consistent color over its 12000 hour lamp life.

The C3MH16 is constructed of lightweight aluminum and has an adjustable selflocking head. Comes in standard black, white and silver finishes. Custom colors are available by request and at an additional charge.