• 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
  • 80 CRI Standard
  • 92 CRI available
  • Beam Angle: 13°, 32°, 39°, 49°
  • Cree XLamp LED array
  • SDCM: 1 x 2 MacAdam Elipse. 50 kelvin tolerance
  • No UV or IR

CELESTE Spec Sheet


The CELESTE is a 9800 lumen down light that is ideal for theaters, churches and large public spaces. At 81.5 watts this pendant fixture is an energy-efficient solution to general lighting needs. Numerous dimming protocols are available, including the most versatile DMX mode. Using an architectural or stage type DMX system will allow you to control each fixture independently or in groups.

The CELESTE utilizes a single point CREE led chip and a variety of reflectors, louvers and diffusion materials.

Numerous mounting options are available. Black, white and silver are our standard finishes, custom colors are available at an additional cost.

IES Data:
CELESTE 12° L100 IES File
CELESTE 19° L100 File
CELESTE 33° L100 IES File
CELESTE 40° L100 IES File
CELESTE 48° L100 File
CELESTE 55° L100 IES File
CELESTE 64° L100 IES File
CELESTE 12° L81 IES File
CELESTE 19° L81 File
CELESTE 33° L81 IES File
CELESTE 40° L81 IES File
CELESTE 48° L81 File
CELESTE 55° L81 IES File
CELESTE 64° L81 IES File