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C4M - Theatrical PAR30



The C4M is a compact, theatrical style unit designed PAR30 LED lamps. The C4M is ideal for lighting in galleries, museums and retail applications. Equipped with 4-way locking barndoors to control light spill and an internal accessory holder that accepts louvers and filters. Available in standard black, white and silver finishes. Custom colors are available by request and at an additional charge.

By utilizing Soraa’s Snap System, there are unlimited possibilities for customizing this fixture. Options include the ability to field change the beam angle (Beam Spreader Snap), alter color temperature (CTO Snap), or to add a louver. Color Snaps can be used to produce brilliant hues of any color that Rosco or Lee offer.


  • Numerous mounting options and accessories
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs


  • 9° SORAA lamp included - use snaps to change the beam angle.
  • Color temperature options: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
  • CRI: 85 or 95
  • No UV or IR


  • Trailing edge (ELV)
  • Leading edge (Triac)

Additional Info

Track Surface Luminaires
Trailing Edge
~10° (Very Narrow)

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