The CELESTE is a high-output pendant downlight that is capable of dimming to 0.01%. Designed for theatres, churches, and arenas, it features a wide range of dimming capabilities ranging from mains dimming to DMX/RDM. The stylish extruded aluminum housing is lightweight and extremely durable. The interchangeable reflectors allow for a wide variety of angles.The single, powerful LED array allows for dramatic lighting effects that are unobtainable with many of the multiple-array high output fixtures on the market.

The CELESTE is a fully functional DMX/RDM fixture, with all the advantages and conveniences experienced industry professionals are accustomed to. With DMX/RDM control, you can individually address and dim the fixtures. Dimming is completely flicker-free and safe for video and film applications.

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Pendants / House Lights, Stage Lighting

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